Monday, August 23, 2010

What we are up to....

.... Loving our precious baby...she is 6 weeks now... Making dress up gingerboys... inspired by se7en
Making mudpie kitchens in our sandpit.... presenting a birthday cake and pasta!

Then for some real baking...well not really these are raw biscuits... with raw chocolate icing.... imagine something so divine being good for you!

Zoobing with friends...

And plastacine moulds of the earths core...
And some volcanoes to add to the earths core...

Now for that biscuit recipe....
Take your nut milk pulp (which for us at this stage contains almond pulp and dates and vanilla) , put it in a bowl and add maple syrup to taste, make some patties and dehydrate them for 24 hours. Then make a chocolate icing of equal amounts of cacao powder and coconut oil (like 4 Tbs of each) and add 2 TBS of agave nectar or honey) ... drizzle over the cookies and put in fridge to set and enjoy...

Friday, August 13, 2010

How we do what we do.

People often ask how we do what we do in a day.... homeschooling, raw food, devotions, sports, crafts, life, baking here it is ...
In the mornings I wake early with our nature baba's first feeding (anywhere between 5 and 6:30) After that I generally get up, if the night has not been too disrupted. Sometimes I will read my bible - I am reading one verse per week. In other words I choose a verse like Psalm 27 V8 and just read that one verse each morning when I get up, I also leave it open on the kitchen counter and try and read it in the day. Say a quick prayer to dedicate my day and up I get.
My wonderful glorious hubby does a raw smoothie for me each morning so I take my
vitamin, probiotic , barley green, just carrots and beets first then I have 2 glasses of smoothie.
Then I have some free time while the boys play and do their chores until nature baba wakes up. When she does we go straight into my bedroom with my basket of schooling resources and we school for 1 - 2 hours there on the bed, this enables me to breastfeed, rock and keep nature baba happy so I can read and do stuff with the older children. This works for us at the moment and I am sure will change when nature baba changes her needs. We then break for a snack and to finish up any chores still not yet done, like dressing, teeth, tidying up etc. We have a snack then free time for me to blog, phone, chores etc. During this time nature baba is in a carrier for me to achieve as much as possible.
We generally have lunch at mid-day which is rice cakes with nut butter or avo, or honey or raw oatcakes from Superfoods, fruit , dried fruit and nuts depending on the day. If it is warm we have water if it is cold we do a carob hot chocolate with nut milk or rice milk.
Then we are on to the afternoon activities, I have help here with an au-pair who is fetching and carrying. I do try and have 1 hour "down-time" if possible, (I say if possible because we only achieve this now and again) I will feed nature baba and lie on my bed with her on my chest to have a sleep and I set up my laptop on my bed before to have some inspiration time or I read.
Then we start the evening routine at 3pm. I make sure supper stuff is ready or begin preparations. We then do half a feed , bath nature baba and do second half of the feed between 3:30 and 4:30 again dependant on where she is at. Then I put her in another carrier and make the supper while bigger boys bath and get themselves pyjamad. I also make a fire, the boys will often watch a dvd in this time too. Generally when nature daddy arrives home at 6, we have bathed children, supper is made and mostly eaten, even sometimes we manage to get the supplements for the evening done too.
He then helps with preparing my bedroom and brushing big teeth, reading a bible story and rocking nature baba so I can have a blitz (and I really mean blitz!) bath or shower. We all are in bed by 7 for the evening with lights out and nature daddy cleans up the kitchen for us. We just love him! Generally this is how we get it all done in a day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spirali the spiralizer

Welcome....raw pasta on winter nights! This is the best machine, you can use butternut or sweet potato to spiralise into raw pasta, you soak it in lemon juice and salt to soften. Wash off in warm water and toss with a raw pasta sauce. They are on special at Superfoods for R350 at the moment and worth every penny. It is a really easy way to get raw food into kids and some raw suppers in the evenings. Gotta run, nature baba needs me...

Our precious Nature Baba

Ok here are some photos. I have promised and promised and finally here we are.

Our baby is one month old and we love her so much, our hands are on her all the time.

She loves breastmilk, her mamas arms, her brothers voices, her big brothers arms, her daddys voice and his shoulder.... and she has smiled and laughed at us already!