Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mary-Ann's cooking course with Myli

Well we had so much fun this last Saturday, we had a wonderful cooking course with the super inspiring Myli. All vegan dishes and these 10 recipes were just delicious, and it was so much fun. If you are interested in a cooking course with Myli you can contact her on

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I ate again yesterday:

Well yesterday was a public holiday so here is what we ate:

Breakfast: A smoothie with 1/4 papaya, 2 handfuls of soaked almonds, a banana, a big handful of frozen strawberries from the Berry Farm, a teaspoon of hemp powder, raw honey, water and half a cup of Ceres Secrets of the Valley Juice

In the morning we went to the MTN Science Centre where one little boy won a prize for his rocketship design, he got a new cap, bag, t-shirt and magazine sponsored by National Geographic Kids (which they love by the way and have a huge collection of the movies)
For a snack I took some spring water and apples in my bag, but we didn't have them cause we left the centre without washing hands first so the smoothie sustained us till we got to Granma's house for lunch.

Lunch: A quiche made with spelt flour (for the wheat free people) and mini quiches with gluten free flour for the gluten free in our family. The filling was made of organic eggs, butternut, red onion, sage and chives and cream. It was delicious with some homemade GF bread and organic wholewheat bread from the Foodbarn, hummus, salad and sliced avos.

Afternoon Snack: Granma made some glutagon chocolate muffins with whipped orley whip (non-dairy creamer) ontop and they were delicious.

Supper: Was fruit skewers, almond nut milk and a big glass of spring water.

Evening Snack: We had the last lesson of our nutrition 101 course last night so I made Colleens Halva balls from Mary-Ann Shearers Recipe Book 1, which you can buy online at her website. If you become a member which is for free you get 25% off all your purchases and you can earn loyalty points if you sign up members.
I also made some roasted red peppers, and put them onto squares of bread spread with hummus, a slice of avo and a roasted pepper drizzled with olive oil and fresh chopped parsley and a turn of salt and pepper.

Then lots of Barley Green before bed to drink, and that was it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I ate yesterday:

People often ask me what I and the kids eat in a day so once a week or so I will blog what I eat in a day... and no I won't choose the days I am being "good" it will be random I promise!

Thursday Menu:

Smoothie of banana, tahini, orange juice, goji berries, frozen berries and honey and almond milk.

Organic Ryvitas (from Woolies) with macadamia nut butter and a grinding of sea salt.
Big glass of sring water

Brown Basmati rice (which I put on in the morning in my slowcooker with some organic veg salt and filtered water, after I had soaked it the night before) with chopped avo, baby organic tomatoes, flaked tuna bits and some left over cooked carrots from the night before.
Over this I poured some Tamari sauce (which is basically wheat free soya sauce ) and olive oil.

Also a glass of carrot juice for me and for the kids carrot, pine and apple juice.

My one child had to take a lunchbox to afternoon classes in this was:
1 banana, 2 ricecakes with marmite and tahini, 2 raw coconut sprout biscuits (from Wellness warehouse) with some St Dalfour rasberry Jam inbetween (this jam is sugar free and delicious)

Myself and the little one went to Kauai in the afternoon and he had a dairy free "C monster" smoothie and I had a carrot, ginger and orange juice.

Rice Pasta and tomato sauce (which was made up of 1 tin organic tomatoes from woolies, 1/2jar organic tom puree, 2 Tbs Mary-Ann's stock, 1 tsp Mary Ann garlic powder, 1 tsp Mary-Ann seasoning) once cooked we put a Tbs of organic cream into the pasta bowls those of us who are not totally dairy allergic. (For myself and my husband we had a small amount of cheese ontop , because I have it left over from entertaining last weekend - not healthy at all....but SO delicious.

Ok that was it...... definitely not enough salad on this day, but today will be better!

Another fabulous smoothie.

This week I made up some almond milk and stored it in a 1L glass bottle in the fridge to add protein to my smoothies.

So here goes:
2 Bananas (for banana free double the strawberries)
1 big handful of frozen strawberries
1 small handful of goji berries
1 shake of cinnamon
1 Tbs of Hemp Powder (for protein)
1 big handful of almonds
1-2 Tbs of Honey
Half fill to the top of the fruit with almond milk
Fill the rest up with Ceres orange juice (or Liquifruit)
1000mg vitamin c (open the capsules and pour in - excellent for antioxidizing the body)
3 capsules of probiotic powder (open and pour in - very good for good gut flora)

Blend and savour. My youngest child said this was one of his favourites , so that is why I am blogging this recipe.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Grandma Lugt's Crunchies

Dry Mix:
159 g coconut
200g buckwheat flakes or rolled oats (use buckwheat for gluten-free)
250 g gluten free flour mix (or rice flour)
300 g of honey or xylitol (I use 150 g of each)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup of mixed seeds or any seeds.
Mix all these together in a big bowl.

Wet mix:
In a pot on the stove melt
200g of gie or coconut oil
2 Tbsp of honey
When melted add 1tsp of bicarb to the mix and 2Tbs water.

Mix the wet and dry together.
Press into a flat baking tray that has been greased with coconut oil.
Bake for 45 minutes at 150 degrees. Take out , cut into squares and put the inside squares on the outside and vice versa. (The outstide ones cook faster) Then bake for another 10 minutes.
Cool on a rack and enjoy.

Carla's Apple Pie

Ok, this recipe is so divine, we didn't get a picture of the finished product.

Step 1 - the crust (if I am rushed I may do this the one day or early on and only make the pie later)
1 and a half cups of rice flour
5 T honey
5T gie or coconut oil
Dump all of these into the food processor and blend till it forms a ball then put in some cling wrap in the freezer.

The filling:
1 cup of dates or more soaked in warm water (enough to cover)
Peel and chop apples, enough to fill your pie dish 3/4 up.
Put some organic raisins or sultanas over the top.
Take the soaked dates and water and blend to make date jam. Spread over top of apples

Now take your crust pastry out and slice or grate it to cover the top of the pie. Add a few pecan nuts for garnish and bake on 190 degrees for as long as it takes till the top turns golden brown.

Serve with Orley Whip or Cream or Nut cream. Enjoy!