Friday, October 23, 2009

Seed Milk (aka iced coffee)

This is so delicious and tastes alot like Iced Coffee

In a blender we mix

1) 1 cup of sunflower seeds (can be done with Almonds or Cashews too)

2) 1 cup of pitted dates

3) 1 Tablespoon of vanilla powder/ extract or seeds of one vanilla pod

4) 5 cups of filtered or spring water

5) Blend

6) Pour into nut milk bag available from for R60

7) Strain and drink on crushed ice or when it is cold (here you can see our chef "milking" the nut bag)


Raw Meusli

Ok this is a real winner. We make a raw cereal that is gluten, sugar and dairy free and PACKED with nutrition.

Here's how:

1) Get buckwheat groats ( I buy all my nuts, seeds, dates, raisins etc from Yellow Submarine in Ottery - it's half the price)

2) Sprout 4 Cups of this by soaking for 12 hours in water (rinse off and clean water every 3 hours, it goes gooey)

3) Leave the sprouts overnight to grow

4) Next morning mix these in a big bowl with 2 handfulls of raisins, 2 handfulls of any seeds, 2 handfulls of chopped dates, 2 handfulls of nuts, 1 handfull of coconut and a cup of agave nectar or honey, a tablespoon of cinnamon and for a chocolate version we add half a cup of raw cacao powder)

5) Mix with hands and then put in dehydrator for 12 hours

6) OR if you don't have a dehydrator spread out onto 2 baking trays and put oven on 70 degrees with the door 2mm open - for 10 hours

7) Store in fridge for 1 month

8) Serve with rice milk (available at health stores)


Mrs Meyers

Well hello! We are back and ..... kind of into the swing of normal life again.

We had a wonderful holiday, but more about that later.

For those who know Jewels from you will know how she raves about Mrs Meyers aromatherapeutic cleaning products. Well finally they have landed in South Africa at Wellness Warehouse ( I found mine at the Cavendish branch) They were suprisingly reasonable. Here I have the Countertop Spray, Dishwashing soap and Handwash. They are truly heavenly and so worth the money. Other locally made products in the Natural Range are more expensive so I was pleasantly surprised.
Please support Wellness Warehouse they bring in many products from overseas that we could not get through any other shops here , like the Seventh Generation dishwasher powder.