Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Well I really enjoyed my birthday this week. I got my first pair of organic Think! shoes. These shoes are amazing. They are 100% organic and recycled materials from Austria, they are orthopaedic shoes that are super funky, super comfortable and come in a range of amazing colours that are made from natural vegetable dyes. I just LOVE them! Oh yes in the other box was my first Le Creuset pot, but more on that later...oh yes and in my hands is a bottle of organic Blue Sky Chilli Olive Oil..... mmmmm yum.

Green Smoothies

I want to start by saying that this tastes delicious, like a dessert
so don't be put off by the colour. I for one, think the colour is fantastic!
We had this smoothie for supper tonight, it has in it:
2 organic mangoes, 1 pineapple, 2 frozen bananas, 3 dollops of tahini, 1 dollop of honey, a teaspoon of spirulina, a cup of ice and 2 cups of water.
It fed the whole family and was delicious and healthy.
Spirulina is a superfood - a fresh water algae that has many of the nutrients needed by every human body in near-perfect ratios.
It is 65% complete protein with all the essential amino acids needed.
It rebuilds nerve tissue in the brain and throughout the body,
it is massively high in antioxidants, it is high in chorophyll, it contains vitamin B12 and is an excellent detoxifyer.
It is a natural appetite suppressant, helps with poor digestion and helps in anaemia and fatigue.

Clay Play

It has been such beautiful weather here and we have had free clay play outside, while I read them poetry from this book which I found in the library.

Mosaic snakes

Mosaic snakes. We cut out magazine and cardboard squares and glued them onto paper. When it was dry we drew snakes on the back, cut them out and glued and eye on. This was inspired by a story from the Usborne book called Stories from Around the World
Then we had some free play with clay outside while I read some animal poetry to them. I found this poetry book in the library.

Gluten free pita breads

This is a regular lunch or dinner item in our house.
These photos are actually the wrong way around, so from the top are;
1) The finished cooked pita breads with smoked salmon, avo and mayo and cucumber slices.
2) In the second picture it is the ingredients waiting to go on the pita breads.
3) And in the third picture you will see the mixture.
Now here is a really precious gem of information.
There is a home-based company, in Cape Town who will post their product mixes to you. They offer gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free Pita Bread mixes, muffin mixes, bread mixes, ready-made biscuits and other scrumptious delights.
Here are their details
(ps: they are good prices compared to buying at health stores, and you can buy in bulk too)
Abundant Life Foods
Tel : zero, two, one - nine, zero, three, four, four, two, two

A precious ruby is born

Almost one month ago a precious little gem was born into our community in the Deep South Peninsula of Cape Town. Number 4 in this amazing missionary tribe and with such destiny and purpose. God was faithful in each and every prayer of ours, in her birth and in her calm, happy, sleepy, easy-going demeanour. We welcome you little one. Your price is above rubies.

Homeschoolers Co-Op

For those who don't know us we have a homeschoolers co-op where the children get together once a week and explore different mediums and play, and learn and listen to stories and do experiments, and bake and have outings together. Here we were at a clay day and a park day. Many people seem concerned about homeschooling children being "socialized" but my findings when I was researching the homeschooling option was that, in general the homeschooling children were better socialized, and more polite than their school-going counterparts, and able to socialize appropriatetely with children accross the age spectrum. Ofcourse these children are being brought up by families living in the city and are exposed to sports, culture, friendships, co-ops, clubs and more. Anyway we enjoy going to our co-op.