Saturday, February 27, 2010

Homeschoolers Co-Op

For those who don't know us we have a homeschoolers co-op where the children get together once a week and explore different mediums and play, and learn and listen to stories and do experiments, and bake and have outings together. Here we were at a clay day and a park day. Many people seem concerned about homeschooling children being "socialized" but my findings when I was researching the homeschooling option was that, in general the homeschooling children were better socialized, and more polite than their school-going counterparts, and able to socialize appropriatetely with children accross the age spectrum. Ofcourse these children are being brought up by families living in the city and are exposed to sports, culture, friendships, co-ops, clubs and more. Anyway we enjoy going to our co-op.

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