Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gluten free pita breads

This is a regular lunch or dinner item in our house.
These photos are actually the wrong way around, so from the top are;
1) The finished cooked pita breads with smoked salmon, avo and mayo and cucumber slices.
2) In the second picture it is the ingredients waiting to go on the pita breads.
3) And in the third picture you will see the mixture.
Now here is a really precious gem of information.
There is a home-based company, in Cape Town who will post their product mixes to you. They offer gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free Pita Bread mixes, muffin mixes, bread mixes, ready-made biscuits and other scrumptious delights.
Here are their details
(ps: they are good prices compared to buying at health stores, and you can buy in bulk too)
Abundant Life Foods
Tel : zero, two, one - nine, zero, three, four, four, two, two

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  1. Hi, I am desperately looking for gluten free pita breads that I can buy already made for my daughters wedding in 4 days time, in Cape Town. But they must be pitas that open easy and don't crumble.