Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another fabulous smoothie.

This week I made up some almond milk and stored it in a 1L glass bottle in the fridge to add protein to my smoothies.

So here goes:
2 Bananas (for banana free double the strawberries)
1 big handful of frozen strawberries
1 small handful of goji berries
1 shake of cinnamon
1 Tbs of Hemp Powder (for protein)
1 big handful of almonds
1-2 Tbs of Honey
Half fill to the top of the fruit with almond milk
Fill the rest up with Ceres orange juice (or Liquifruit)
1000mg vitamin c (open the capsules and pour in - excellent for antioxidizing the body)
3 capsules of probiotic powder (open and pour in - very good for good gut flora)

Blend and savour. My youngest child said this was one of his favourites , so that is why I am blogging this recipe.

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