Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I ate again yesterday:

Well yesterday was a public holiday so here is what we ate:

Breakfast: A smoothie with 1/4 papaya, 2 handfuls of soaked almonds, a banana, a big handful of frozen strawberries from the Berry Farm, a teaspoon of hemp powder, raw honey, water and half a cup of Ceres Secrets of the Valley Juice

In the morning we went to the MTN Science Centre where one little boy won a prize for his rocketship design, he got a new cap, bag, t-shirt and magazine sponsored by National Geographic Kids (which they love by the way and have a huge collection of the movies)
For a snack I took some spring water and apples in my bag, but we didn't have them cause we left the centre without washing hands first so the smoothie sustained us till we got to Granma's house for lunch.

Lunch: A quiche made with spelt flour (for the wheat free people) and mini quiches with gluten free flour for the gluten free in our family. The filling was made of organic eggs, butternut, red onion, sage and chives and cream. It was delicious with some homemade GF bread and organic wholewheat bread from the Foodbarn, hummus, salad and sliced avos.

Afternoon Snack: Granma made some glutagon chocolate muffins with whipped orley whip (non-dairy creamer) ontop and they were delicious.

Supper: Was fruit skewers, almond nut milk and a big glass of spring water.

Evening Snack: We had the last lesson of our nutrition 101 course last night so I made Colleens Halva balls from Mary-Ann Shearers Recipe Book 1, which you can buy online at her website. If you become a member which is for free you get 25% off all your purchases and you can earn loyalty points if you sign up members.
I also made some roasted red peppers, and put them onto squares of bread spread with hummus, a slice of avo and a roasted pepper drizzled with olive oil and fresh chopped parsley and a turn of salt and pepper.

Then lots of Barley Green before bed to drink, and that was it!

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