Friday, February 25, 2011

Simelas truth about coconut oil!

Coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Next to human breast milk it has the highest immunity properties of all substances. It is a stable GOOD fat, that helps you lose fat! Gotta love that...
Coconut oil does the following:
* lowers cholestorol
*counters fatigue
* restores sagging skin
* reverses tissue damage
* improves circulation in teh skin
* is an excellent antioxidant
* restores thyroid function
* is a natural tanning lotion
* good for cooking at heat because it is stable and does not become a trans fat
* decreases adrenal stress
* normalises blood sugar levels
* increases energy and
* increases the metabolism which leads to weight loss..... and I can hear it.... HALLELUJAH!

5 Ways to use coconut oil:
1 - Put a tablespoon per person in your smoothie each morning
2 - Make chocolate with it
3 - Use it for roasting and frying
4 - Use it in place of butter or marg in baking
5 - Use it on cuts, skin irritation , hair for moisturizing, for tanning, for dry skin to stop hair loss.

Where to get it :
You can buy coconut oil from any health shop, make sure it is virgin coconut oil and if you can choose a glass jar as you will want to put it in a basin of warm water to make it liquid.
In its solid state it is white and looks like butter, but if you add it to anything you must make it liquid first by placing the jar in warm water and the contents will turn clear and liquid , this can then be added to smoothies or recipes, it will emulsify and not leave you with coconut lumps that you would get if you add the coconut oil in , in its solid form.

Ok gotta run, enjoy!

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