Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Addicted to rawing it!

I must say I am totally addicted to raw food. I have been totally raw for weeks since my baby has been born, I have had days when I eat some cooked food, and I find we don't sleep as well and I have less energy and amazingly I am enjoying cooked food less and less. My body recognizes that it needs these live enzymes and rewards me for the good choices I make.
So the question I am always asked is.... "so... do you just eat salad?" this is not a dumb question as there was a time my husband and I did eat salad for a few months and we were not healthy... so the answer is no, this is what I am eating at the moment

Morning breakfast would consist of :
1) A superfood smoothie - by superfood I mean cacao powder, maca powder, hemp powder, spirulina, banana, brazil nuts, raw honey and organic orange juice
2) A green smoothie - this is a divine recipe for one person take 4 kale leaves, 2 Tbs of tahini, 2 TBS honey, 1 -2 bananas and 1 cup orange juice and half a cup of spring water. Blend. This is delicious - kale is amazingly healthy and available from organic food stores like the Organic Food Zone in Lakeside.
3) Nut milk - blend 1 cup almonds, 1 cup dates , 1 teaspoon or vanilla powder, 5 cups water - strain through a nut bag.
( I then use the nut pulp and mix it with some honey or maple syrup and dehydrate in small flat patties as biscuits - you could do this in the oven too)

Lunch is:
Some raw crackers - I buy mine from Soaring Free Superfoods, with avo and baby tomatoes. Some nut milk mixed with hot water for a warm drink.

Snack: Dried mango, or nut milk, or a raw biscuit or raw chocolate

Supper: Spiralized pasta - will post a recipe soon, or a raw soup and crackers, and the salad is worthy of mention as I have discovered the most stunning lettuce and herb and prepared salad packs from the Organic food Zone in Lakeside it has transformed my salad eating. My favourite salad dressing at the moment is equal amounts of water, mustard, tahini, lemon juice and a pinch of salt and some dried herbs. I mix this in a bottle and pour over the salad. The raw soup of the day is....(and I live on this... thank you Natasha!)

Natasha's carrot soup:
1 - 2 cups of carrot juice
1/2 a juiced orange
1 - 2 avo's
1 TBs of dried herbs ( I mix basil and oreganum)
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp of himalayan rock salt

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