Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly eating

A good friend has asked me to post a weekly menu plan....well I am not ready to do that yet, but it got me thinking to really expose to you what I plan to eat in a week, what we buy at the shops and hopefully as my thoughts get more organised over these series of posts I will get to an actual menu plan!

So what we plan to eat this week:
I always shop once a week on a thursday. I shop at the health shop, woolworths, pick n pay and the Organic Food Zone in Lakeside.
So this week our menu has and does look like this:

1 raw flapjacks with nut cream and maple syrup (takeaways from earthshine)
chocolate superfood smoothies x 3
kale green smoothis x 2
Nut milk x 1

Homemade Jo-i's buckwheat crackers (recipe to come soon) with avo, and sliced tomato
Rice cakes for the children with almond nut butter and marmite, avo mashed or tahini and honey.
Orgran gluten-free bread made in my bread machine
Salad for me, Cucumber and carrot sticks for the kids

organic meat kebabs with baked butternut and steamed spinach.
raw pizza takeaway from earthshine
Corli's flatbread with tomatoes, guacamole, fruit, and rawilicious chewy mushrooms and tuna with a homemade raw mayo for the boys on a platter. (this was a weekend dish)
Hot chips with salad
raw pasta with a nut cheese sauce
organic cornflakes and rice milk (sunday night supper for kids) with banana sliced in and for me and hubby raw carrot soup.
millet and salad with a nut cheese.

Me - nutmilk, tea with honey, fruit, nuts, crackerbread, raw chocolates
Boys - nutmilk, fruit, raisins, raw chocolates, fruit ice cream from my juicer, popcorn or corn chips.

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