Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 ways to get motivated to be more healthy.

1. Watch this cool interview link here on 4 health drinks that will change your health and beauty:
Dr Oz interview with Kimberley

2. Try a new recipe from Linnies blog for wheat free crispy apple tart here

3. Try out the raw lemon tart from here I made one for Mothers day and it was so delicious!

4. Buy something from the Rawlicious shop or website and win. Here are the details:
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5. Drink more water, either plain or herbal tea or in smoothies. But we all live in a state of chronic dehydrations, there are studies that show that most illnesses are linked to dehydration. So get drinking, each time you go for a wee go immediately and drink another glass of water. This is an easy way to remember to drink more.

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  1. Cool ideas and links thank you! I'm off to drink a glass of water now!!