Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spring is a time for cleaning out....

So its spring and I am totally motivated to eat more raw food and be healthier, slimmer, calmer, fitter and all those good things.

What is in my dehydrator at the moment?
Pineapple slices, apple slices coated in cinnamon, honey and ground almonds, my almonds which are presoaked to get rid of enzyme inhibitors and are now drying out to be stored for smoothies and muesli and nut milks.

What is in my sprouter?
Peas, buckwheat, fenugreek, onion, and lots of sunflowers for micro-greens and some for the garden, I hope to harvest my own seeds to store for next spring.

What is on the menu today?
A chocolate superfood smoothie for breakfast including mesquite , lacuma and wheatgrass
Snacks on homemade trailmix of goji berries, dried mulberries, cashews, sunflower seed and organic cornflakes.
We did have some junkfood chips for an afternoon snack and some rice crackers too....ahemm.
And leftover sweetpotato soup for lunch
Supper will be a salad with sprouts, nuts, olives adn avo and some bread to dip into olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

What I am learning?
Is all about being "earthed" you can see it here on David Wolfe's talk. For anyone with inflammations, sickness, depression or stress you MUST watch this...

I am not exercising yet as I have injured my hip and bum muscle (which is why I am such a pain in the butt at the moment) but doing my physio exercises and taking my msm, astaxanthin to get rid of inflammation.

Tonight we are giving our little princess some Valerian to help her sleep and thankfully our go-go granny will be making up some valerian and chamomilla oil to massage her with at night.

Ok off to have a glass of spring water and have a playdate with my 2 year old.
Hugs to you all.

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