Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nature Prints and sewing.

Ok these are so fabulous looking and so so easy.
So you need : some cream material/ or white - any kind will do, a hammer, a piece of white paper, raffia or ribbon or string for handle and a twig.
So send the children into the garden to gather a few leaves and flowers. Then they come and place them on their square of material (mine were about 20cm square).
Lay the white paper over the top and hammer the flowers and leaves for a few minutes till you can feel they are flat.
Lift the paper and gently scrape remains off material. Viola. I stitched a line across top to make a seam and they threaded their stick through. Then I tied the handle on.


  1. Thanks for the fab idea - the girls would just love this!

  2. Thanks Corli, you are so right the will LOVE this even the little boy will love some hammering!