Monday, March 8, 2010

To Market for Raw takeaways!

On Saturday we went to visit Gayleen and Carol's Raw food stall at the Portabello Market in Tokai. We bought lunch. It is not cheap, and cost us R200 but we got an assortment of goodies (some not pictured here as they had mysteriously disappeared!!) So what we got for that was:

3 pieces of chocolate pie, a chocolate truffle, a chocolate banana, a biscotti, 3 pieces of pizza, 2 packets of essene bread, red pepper pesto and veggie burger patties. We then visited the organic veggie stall up at the top of the market (don't be fooled there is a Rogers Fruiterers stand , which is DEFINITELY NOT organic - so if you are unsure ask) and also the organic olive stand. delicious we were all happy!


  1. Hi - I was curious about your comment that Rogers Fruiterers was definitely not organic. A friend of mine was talking to them the other day and they claimed that they were organic - that the farmer they use has always used organic means, but has refused to be certified because of the costs... how do you know for sure they're not organic?

  2. Hey Taryn, thanks for commenting....I have also heard from a friend that they say they have "organic" produce , but honestly if you look at their produce and see the bulk quantities they are bringing them in, I find it highly unlikely that they are organic. I would ask them which farm they buy from as you would like to be sure they are organic and see what they say. If you do find out I would be happy to take it up with the ethical organisation to see if this is a farm they have visited that is truly using organic practices. That aside, they are really buying things at the very last stage of "harvest to table" route as I have bought MANY things in the past which have gone off in the first 24 hours of having them. When I took this up with them they put the phone down on me! They have also supplied Meals on Wheels with rotten food according to my neighbour who cooks for them. This is not ethical nor is it healthy even for non-organic food. Anyway I have been buying from Woolworths and ethical solely for the last year and we are healthier and happier

  3. Thanks for getting back to me - I may just ask them the next time I'm at the market - which isn't today but maybe next week :)