Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What we are up to...

.... and baby makes 6! 
well it has gone really well with baby 4, she is indeed blessed and all the Arthure Burke cds we listened to and blessing the "nightwatches" has indeed come to fruition! 

People aways ask for info on baby products, what I use etc... So here it is....

1. She loves to sleep on my chest (even as i write this!) , she will only be washed at nappy change time with warm water and we found a flask of rooibos tea next to the bed for cleaning the nappy area really works. 
2. Mother Nature bum balm. And after a nappy rash we wash her at every day change. 
3. Change nappy before a feed. 
4. Have a night light. Never turn on a big light at night. 
5. doo doo dust for restless babies and Cramp and colic powders from Eirene health shop, super cheap and very fantastic. 
6. Magen drops by Natura  for indigestion, i took this alot when she was first born. It goes through the milk to baby. I saw a big difference with this and used it every half hour if I was gassy to stop her from getting this too. 
7. linnies diet to prevent colic and reflux. This has worked so well for us. 
8. Victorian Garden powder for neck and arm creases to dry out after a bath. 
9. Pure beginnings baby wash (now available at Baby City)
10. A wrap or a sling to wear baby
11. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book. 

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