Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chicken Tacos - GFCF

Well as you all know (well you do if you are on this Gluten Free, Dairy free, preservative free, sugar free, chemical free diet) finding new things to eat with children with special needs and special diets can be challenging on a good day. Luckily I love the challenge, so I will be sharing with you over time some of our "goodie" recipes that the kids love .... hopefully they can inspire and help you.

Step 1 :

Cut up a packet of Free range chicken breasts

Stir fry with one grated onion and a packet of chopped mushrooms

When cooked add a tin of organic tinned tomatoes (I use Woolies again)

Step 2:

Take a box of Orley Whip or Instant Whip Non dairy cream

Step 3:

I have willing workers for beating the cream

Step 4:

Put your tacos (woolies ones aswell) into the oven at 18o for 4 minutes

Step 5:

Serve Chicken into warm tacos with chopped lettuce, sliced avo, and top with whipped cream.

Voila! This is a fabulous meal that we all enjoy.


  1. Dear nature mama, so so good to have you share your wisdom and experience in this way, and so fab to see our two most favourite boys on the screen. This recipe looks delicious and we will definitely give it a try - my kids are always excited when you cook something up - because they know they will be able to have it (being allergy friendly)! I wish you lots of fun as you continue on this new adventure you have started!

  2. Oh I am glad to find (via Shirley) your blog! I am really looking forward to trying some of your recipes too! I would love to be more healthful in my home- it just seems like there is so much information out there I don't know where to start! We are not super bad I just need to be a little more conscientious... because I should! Thanks again for the recipe... I am going to give this one a go!

  3. Great Pauline and Corli.... thanks for stopping by. You know I think the biggest thing really is that people always tell you what NOT to eat, so I am going to tell you what to eat. Enjoy the recipes.

  4. Hi Tams
    Nice going,I am sure the boys are going to be stoked that they made it onto the web.Nice info and pics.Hope you get a huge following and influence many lives.
    Love Chad

  5. Thanks Chad, you are such a blessing to us. Great that you stopped by.